About Us

So, why are we here?


Wonderfleur exists because we understand one thing clearly, and that is that you want to own and gift meaningful flowers, that last longer than a week and can have a greater and depper impact on your (or your receiver's) life - and you want that without compromising on quality, design or cost. 

And more than that? You want to be able to do it quickly, with a click of a button in next to no time with quick delivery. 

 After the joyous year that was 2020, Wonderfleur was created by me, Laura as a way to bring hope and joy to others during a challenging time. In the early days it was a creative outlet and way to balance the burnout of full time parenting in isolation, and now brings joy to homes and people all around Australia. 

 But while Wonderfleur is still quite young in the industry, my experience, passion and purpose isn't. For the past decade, i've been learning, creating, and styling my little heart out for big corporate giants, and intimate partnerships creating large scale flower installations for weddings and events, bespoke calligraphy and signage created by hand, graphic design and visual merchandising for both national and global brands. While I loved so many aspects of all these roles, my heart wanted to do more and bring more meaning to the work I created for people - and that was helping bring more creativty to you and your home.  

The flowers, kits and vessels you will find here at Wonderfleur are all driven by affordability, creativity, and quality, so you can rest easy knowing that your purchase will was created personally with the upmost love and care, without you having to sell your left arm for it - trust me, you need it!

It is how we help you take confidence in your selection, so that you can style your space (or gift someone's space) with a work of art that will bring joy and pride for years to come.



There are three things we know:


1. People are spending a lot more time in their homes then ever before.

2. We are busier than ever, trying to fit everything into our lives.

3. Self-care is a crucial part of our mental health and overall well-being.


With all these things in mind, Wonderfleur's ethos was born - everlasting blooms to create happy hearts and homes. We believe in the power of enriching lives with joy, pride, personality, self-love, quality and 

 self-expression through our products. The positive impacts of taking some time our of our busy schedules for a small act of self-care. Whether it's a pre-made arrangement or one of our Wonderkits curated to empower you to create the arrangement of your dreams - all our products are designed to be displayed with pride and last years to come