Online Dried Flower Workshops


You’re stuck at home trying to find new ways to entertain yourself and take a break from the crazy. Right now you feel like you've done every self-care ritual under the sun and you're sitting there racking your brain for something fulfilling to add joy or fun or meaning to your day...

This relaxed workshop perfect for all abilities is the perfect way for you to come back to yourself with an experience that will empower you to create a beautiful small dried flower arrangement that will leave you feeling confident and proud of your one-of-a-kind creation. You will be guided step-by-step, and encouraged to build new skills that will give you all those feel-good vibes.

You will go behind the scenes and learn tips and tricks used by the creative mind and dried floral artist, Laura Siva from Wonderfleur.

The evening will commence with:

  • Getting you familiar with the equipment and materials,
  • Teach you the skills on how to properly prep your flowers, so you can do this in the future at home!
  • Show you some secret principles and elements to help you assemble a stunning arrangement,
  • Explain the different flower types,
  • As well as a live demo on constructing a small arrangement before you then create your own!

All materials needed will be supplied for the workshop, all you need are some scissors and a pen to take notes.

Knowledge required: Beginner friendly

What you'll get in your craft kit:

  • Colour coordinated flowers to guarantee they'll look cohesive
  • 1 x mini vase
  • 1 x flower foam
  • Extra sticks to add length to flowers as needed
  • Stem tape to use with sticks
  • Flower care instructions + tips to creating an experience with the kit
  • Design theory and arranging best practices workbook
  • Gift ready - to send to that special person