Medium Pre-made Wonderkit - Pastel

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You’re stuck at home trying to find new ways to entertain yourself and take a break from the crazy. Right now you feel like you've done every self-care ritual under the sun and you're sitting there racking your brain for something fulfilling to add joy or fun or meaning to your day... 

Which is exactly why the Wonderkit was created.

Wonderkits are the perfect way for you to come back to yourself with an experience that will empower you to create a beautiful dried flower arrangement that will leave you feeling confident and proud of your one-of-a-kind creation, whilst giving you all those feel-good vibes.

As someone who’s stuck at home myself during this crazy time, I get that you want a solution that will help cure boredom and there’s only so much Netflix we can rewatch, right? This is why I created the Wonderkit - to spread some love, joy, and creativity to people looking for a new experience and a way to create positive memories.

Take a closer look: 

  • Designed by me, so you don’t have to - the only option for you to consider is the vase colour.
  • All packaged up, ready for delivery across VIC, SA, NSW, ACT & QLD.
  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Your blooms and creation will last for years
  • And there's even the option to add on elements like chocolate, candles, and reed diffusers if you are gifting this, too.

The vase used in the images is the Marmoset Found Infinity Vase - Nude.


*Due to the nature of using dried and preserved florals (and the handmade process of arranging), there will be some variations in colour, size, and design. The image is a representation of the overall look, feel and colour of the arrangement and/or blooms you will receive. In some cases and depending on availability, a similar product may need to be substituted within the arrangement. Don't worry - we know you will love it!*



As this is an organic product, there will be natural variations and imperfections between each stem which makes them unique in shape and size. Due to the dying and preserving process, there may also be slight differences in colour and the images in the listing is a representation. Colours can also differ slightly between screen browsers. Some flowers may become compact in the box during shipping, and just need some extra fluffing once received.

As sizes can differ from stem to stem so i've listed the size range the flower comes in to give you an idea.

I pack all orders with the utmost care however, some delicate stems may experience some small breakage or shedding during transportation which is normal, and shouldn't impact the overall stem.

Each stem will arrive in raw form to give you the flexibility to use as you wish however, should a piece come off - I will include it in the package so you have a little extra to play with.

Shedding is natural, but if you would like to reduce the amount that comes off, try using some hairspray.

To maximise the years of your blooms, I recommend storing them:
1. Out of direct light - this can cause your blooms to fade.
2. Out of direct heating or cooling - which can damage them.
3. Avoid contact with water - as some dyes can bleed.
4. In a safe place that is well protected as many can be delicate - please handle with care.

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